How to be Good at Board Games

How to be Good at Board Games

Playing board games can be a lot of fun. Especially competitive board games where you get to earn bragging rights for winning. But, having fun can be challenging if you are constantly losing. Even more so if you are obsessed with winning like I am. And if you are reading this I am assuming that you are probably like me or are tired of losing. So I sincerely hope that these tips will help you learn how to be good at board games.

So what can you do when you seem to be losing all the time?

Well, there are a few things that you can do to help you become better.

  • Understand the Board Game
  • Research Strategies
  • Play More
  • Have Fun

With these four things, you will certainly become better at any board game.

How to get Better at Playing Board Games

1.) Understand the Board Game

The first and most important part of becoming better at any board game is to understand it. Without a good foundation, it will be hard for you to succeed. Therefore, you must learn each component of the game and understand how each one works.

With this knowledge, you are then able to start learning about the strategies involved with the game. What actions go well with other actions? What actions should be used in this situation? What actions should be used in that situation? These are the sort of questions you should now be able to answer.

If not, you may want to make sure you have a firm understanding of how the game functions.

Next up, you are going to want to learn what play style fits you best. Or better put, what play style is most effective for you that you also enjoy using. Is it an aggressive style? One that requires you to put all your marbles on the line. Maybe you are the turtle type of player? One who enjoys taking small calculated wins. Whatever the case, figure out what works best for you personally.

The type of play style you enjoy may change from board game to board game. Although, I typically find myself falling into a similar category with each game.

From here, you will want to learn how to be adaptable to the different play styles. As with certain games, you may have different starting situations and must adjust appropriately.

2.) Research Strategies 

For some, it can be hard to develop their own strategies without first understanding what strategies are out there. So if you feel like you cannot figure out a strategy on your own, then I would suggest doing this. Let other people’s successful strategies help you brainstorm one for yourself.

As for the next two tips these I would hope are the obvious ones.

3.) Play More

​Ever heard the term “practice makes perfect”?

Well as far as I can tell, it applies to board games. And if you ever want to get better at playing a certain board game you will need to play them more often than you are now.

4.) Have Fun

Finally, the most important part of becoming better at anything in life is to just have fun with it. When you’re doing things you enjoy, I’ve learned, you tend to be more motivated. If you are not having at least some fun playing the board games you play, then you probably should not be playing them.

I hope these tips have helped you learn how to be good at board games

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James is a father, husband, and coffee addict who plays way too many board games and rarely sleeps.

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