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Many of the board games on this list are still relevant today they may not have the same beautiful mechanics and gameplay as modern board games but they certainly have withstood the test of time. While on the other hand many of these games are probably hiding in the darkest corners of your household collecting dust never to be touched again. So as you read through this list of classic board games I personally challenge you to find at least five of these games and go play them with your friends or family and then let me know which five you chose.

Now, let’s begin…

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Classic Board Games List

1.) Monopoly

Okay, let’s start off with a board game that everyone knows, Monopoly!

Whether you hate it or love it you definitely know Monopoly. I personally remember playing the Cincinnati version that my father had and always picking the flying pig. As a child, I never really understood the true concepts behind the game other than buy properties and take everyone else’s money. I always thought this was super fun, especially since I always seemed to be the winner.

However, as I grew up I learned that the game had a deep history and that the game had gone through many shapes and forms before it was finally taken over by a massive company and sold to almost every American household. But throughout the years the main concepts have still remained the same. To buy properties aggressively, leverage money, build a monopoly and take everyone else’s money.

Unfortunately, this game has been altered by lovely household rules, which most the time I am not against adding rules to board games that need them but Monopoly is not one. So if you choose Monopoly as one of your board games to play be sure to try it without all the household rules such as the putting money in free parking from fees and taxes.

2.) Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a game suited for any gambler willing to take the risk required to win. Not to mention it provided a great privilege to many kids and adults with the ability to yell out Yahtzee! A very strange but satisfying word for any player in the game.

3.) Risk

Oh, an old favorite of mine one that I still play today even though newer games have replicated the feel of Risk with improved upon mechanics and gameplay. Always did love having to deal with the politics of this game when more than two people are playing. Not to mention it was pretty fun strategy focused board game.

4.) Chess

Chess is another strategy game like Risk except that it is a pure strategy game. I always enjoyed playing a game of chess even though I was never really that great at it. Also, I never understood how the pros could pick their moves so far in advanced.

5.) Go

Go is a game I have not personally played, but have seen it played a few times it is older than dirt and involves pebbles. It is another strategy game where opponents attempt to capture the most territory on the grid by placing their pebbles and blocking their opponents.

6.) Clue

Who killed who?

The family friendly game that involved playing detective and taking extensive notes of who did or did not do something. Was always a fun trying to solve the mystery especially as a child.

7.) Battleship

Oh, Battleship was a fun one and not because you got to blow up battleships and aircraft carriers.

The part that made Battleship the most fun was when the little pieces got left out during clean up. Then in the middle of the night, you got to step on one of the lovely things because it fell off the table.

8.) Sorry

Sorry was a great game to get your anger out on towards your siblings. Anytime you send one of their pieces back to the start you just had to have a mini celebration. Half the time when I did play the game I could care less about winning just how much vengeance I could score!

9.) The Game of Life

Somehow The Game of Life made way back when is now accurately representing society more than ever, as it is ever harder to make it into that millionaire’s mansion without a college degree, four kids, and a station wagon to cruise around in.

10.) Hungry Hungry Hippos

The ultimate strategy game of all time…

Okay not really maybe like the ultimate button smashing game of all time. This game was literally invented for children who were amped up on so much sugar that parents were just begging for a solution. So, somebody made one in a game called Hungry Hungry Hippos where the players try to eat as much food as possible with their hippos by pushing down on a lever.

11.) Mouse Trap

Take a break from your daily life as a human and step into the shoes of a mouse.

This classic board game is one of my childhood favorites. Nothing is more exciting as a kid than the thrilling rush of being a mouse trying to collect cheese while hoping that you do not get caught in a mouse trap.

12.) Connect 4

Connect 4 is still a decent game today that works well for both adults and children to play. It may not come with all the exciting functions of a modern board game or a classic great, but it is simple and fun.

13.) Jenga

Not to give any ideas but Jenga has been known to make a pretty decent drinking game. Furthermore, it can also make for a nice cleanup and noisy crash when the tower falls. Be careful not to play with any architects they may have an unfair advantage on you.

14.) Operation

The poor patient in this game…

I know the game came out in the 60’s but what the heck was this guy on to get a horse and a wrench stuck inside his body?

15.) Trouble

Trouble kind of like Sorry was another sibling payback game where I got to target different siblings and send their pieces back to the start. Although, in Trouble, the method to do so was a little bit different. This game is very similar to Sorry and makes for a great kids game that adults can play too.

16.) Stratego

Stratego is a classic abstract strategy board game where players try to capture their opponents flags. This game plays somewhat like Chess except that you do not get to know what pieces your opponent has where. Instead, you must attack a piece or be attacked by a piece to reveal what it is.

Stratego is still a great strategy game today even after seventy-something years.

17.) Pay Day

Pay Day is a game similar to Monopoly where players are trying to amass wealth and properties. The difference in this game is that instead of forcing players to bankruptcy you stop playing after X amount of time to see who has the most money.

18.) Aggravation

Aggravation is another variance of Trouble/Sorry.

19.) Rummikub

Playing Rummy 500 was another staple of my childhood and this game brings the same sort of feel. Except with the use of tiles instead of cards.

20.) Scrabble

Scrabble has been played by just about everyone and if not most people have at least played words with friends.

21.) Checkers

Checkers is a classic board game where strategy takes prominence, much like chess. However, this game is very simplified and does not take nearly as long to win.

22.) Uno

I was never crazy about the game Uno to me it always seemed like just an adaption of Crazy Eights, but it always seemed that someone wanted to play it.

23.) Candyland

The do nothing game in Candyland you simply flip a card and go to that color. Whatever happened had happened and whoever won had won. Nothing special just a super simple board game to get people interested in playing board games.

24.) Trivial Pursuit

Trivia was never really my thing and when I played the Genius Edition of this game. I found out quickly how little I really knew. If you were able to actually do well in these games props to you.

25.) The Book of Classic Board Games

This one was added to the list because it contains fifteen classic board games in one.

Where to Buy Classic Board Games

Although many classic board games can be found in main brand stores, some can be rather hard to find. That is why I suggest using either of the following:

Amazon is going to be my top pick and it is not only because I am an affiliate(Which means I get paid a small percentage of any purchase you make through my link. Also buying through my link will not increase prices Amazon forces the sellers to pay for that fee whether or not you buy through an affiliate link.) of them but also because it is where I purchase a predominant amount of my stuff including board games. They are by far the easiest shopping method and often the cheapest way to buy board games unless you go garage sale hunting or thrift shopping

Where to Play Classic Board Games Online for Free

Over the past few years more and more board games have found their way online. Allowing free and instant access to many favorite board games. Although playing any board game in person is always better playing them online is still better than not playing at all. So below I have listed off three websites that offer free classic board games online.

  1. Cool Math Games
  2. Pogo
  3. Classic Game

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