Top 6 Cheapest Ways to Get New Board Games

Cheapest Ways to Get New Board Games

Many of the board games I have played and bought have ranged from $5 to $150 brand new. Most games, however, will be around $40. Which is not too bad. But I think it is safe to say many of us would prefer them for around $20-$25. On a side note, if you are just interested in cheaper games I have written articles about board games under $20best board games under $15best board games under $10. So if you are just looking for really inexpensive games, I would suggest starting there. If not please continue reading to find out the cheapest ways to get new board games.

What are the Cheapest Ways to Get New Board Games?

Well, there are a couple different ways. Some of which may be easier to implement than others. All of which should save you money, even if you are buying a game that could normally cost $100.

Here is a preview of options for buying board games cheap:

  1. Thrift Store/Garage Sale
  2. Online
  3. Local Stores
  4. Trading
  5. Borrowing
  6. Other Local Markets

My Top Choices

From the list, the ones I suggest are either buying from Amazon when discounted, Thrift Store/Garage Sales if you are okay with used games, or exchanging games with other players.

1.) Thrift Store/Garage Sale

This is by far one of my favorite ways to find new board games. As most places will offer a variety of games at a fraction of the cost. I have seen people find $60 board games for under $10.

The downside to this is it is most likely going to be used. So you may have a dent or a few scratches here and there on it. Furthermore, pieces can be missing from the board game. The bright side is that you can get two copies or maybe even three and still be getting a 50% discount from its original price. Another downside is that your selection will be pretty limited.

The other cool part about going to these places is the fact that you may come across some rare games. And be able to get them at a fraction of the cost. Then what you do from there is up to you. If you want, you could try to flip it make some cash and buy other games with the profits. Or maybe you will love the game and be happy you got it at such a great price.

Either way you slice it, buying cheap used board games from a thrift store or a garage sale is your best option most the time.

2.) Online

With growing competition between online competitors prices for all products have been becoming cheaper and cheaper. Which is great news for us.

So were on the internet do you go shopping for new games?

Well there are a few ways to go about this:

  • Amazon
  • Boardgamegeek
  • eBay
  • Google

Amazon is by far one of my favorite ways to buy just about anything. They have a great return policy and will help you out with bad sellers. The products are typically way cheaper than in store and are a steal if they are on a sale. (Which is how I got my new edition of Pandemic for $18.) Overall it is the easiest option and will often have some of the cheapest prices.

Next up is BoardGameGeek market, which allows players to list their games and sell them to others. Here you may be able to find a cheap used board game in great condition.

Ebay is similar to Amazon, except not as easy to sort through, but I do still search there from time to time. And if you look hard enough you can definitely find some cheap board games on Ebay.

And last but not least, Google has a shopping section that you can quickly type out what product you are looking for and see if any other sites offer it.

3.) Local Stores

It is always a good idea to check out your local board game store. They may have older games on clearance or offer store credit options. This would allow you to trade in your old games and get new ones for less.

Another option would be to check stores like Target that may carry board games in store. Although they typically have them at the highest possible price, they may have a sale. If it is good enough, you buy the game! If not? no worries.

4.) Trading

Trading can be done online and in person. For example, you could go to a board game convention and they may have a trading system set up. Here players may be allowed to set up their games and say what they want to trade them for. This is a really cool way to get new games as it may be set up to trade between 17 different people to get you that new game.

Another option for trading would be to go to the previous site mentioned, BoardGameGeek. Along with their market, they have a trading system set up where players can list what they want and trade with other players.

This is by far one of the cheapest ways to get new board games as you can upfront trade a game. Thus making your cost for the new game nothing!

5.) Borrowing

Borrowing is another cheap option to play new board games. There are a few ways you can go about this.

Some board game stores will offer rentals that will allow players to test out a game for say 10% of the cost. Then they will apply the cost to buying them game if you choose to do so. This option is great for those who are on the fence about buying a new game.

The next choice would be to just borrow from friends/family. This can typically be done for free and you could even switch games for a bit if need be.

The other option is using a website that is like the old Netflix before streaming came around or Gamefly. The name of the site is BoardGameExchange and their prices are as low as $16.99 a month. You simply select which board game you want to rent and then they ship it directly to you no extra cost. There are no due dates so you get to play the game for as long as you like. This is another great way to try out new games especially if you are in an area away from any big cities.

6.) Other Local Markets

Thanks to technology there are even more ways to find products from individual sellers locally. Certain apps can help you find board games from sellers in your area. This is best for those who are in densely populated areas. Some of these options are listed below:

  • The Facebook Market
  • OfferUp App
  • LetGo
  • 5 Miles

All of these apps can help you find nearby people selling board games. However, do take precaution, as some of these people try to sell the games for high prices to make a profit and always be safe when meeting with strangers. Always be sure you reference with at least Amazon first.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article about cheapest ways to get new board games for your collection. If you want to check out additional cheap board game options feel free to check out our Category over Affordable Board Games.

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