Best Star Wars Board Games List for 2017


Bringing Back the Power of the Force!

Ever since the successful revival of the Star Wars franchise with the making of The Force Awakens and now Rogue One it seems that the Star Wars franchise is back to stay. They have obtained a whole new younger audience many of which may have never seen the older films along with the original audience that is still in love with Star Wars.

Because of this increase in following and activity among them, many companies have again started to produce Star Wars themed products. Combine this surge in products along with an increasing amount of people interested in board games and you get tons of Star Wars board games to enjoy. Some are simple themed versions of older games produced by Hasbro while other companies such as Fantasy Flight Games strive to bring brand new Star Wars based games.

Regardless of who is producing the games, I am happy to see both Star Wars board games hitting the shelves of many stores along with numerous other Star Wars products. As it provides both me and you with the opportunity to fill our Star Wars needs.

Now about the Star Wars board games list…

Many of these games will range in price as some can be found for as little as $20 while others may take nearly $100 to purchase. Furthermore, I will provide a mixture of games for players of all types from inexperienced to hardened veterans. I will also try my best to bring up games that are readily available, as there are some other great older Star Wars games that are impossible or challenging to get. Please enjoy this list of Star Wars board games and may the force guide you to finding the perfect game.

Please enjoy this list of Star Wars board games and may the force guide you to finding the perfect game.

There are two parts to this post:

  1. Best Star Wars Themed Board Games
  2. Best Star Wars Board Games

The first part is about rethemed games such as Star Wars Chess while the second part is about dedicated unique Star Wars Games. In my opinion, the better games will be found in the second part of this article. However, there are a couple in the Star Wars Themed Board Games that are worth a look at such as Star Wars Risk.

Editor’s Picks

These are some of my favorites from the article:

  1. Star Wars: Rebellion/Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  2. X-Wing Miniatures
  3. Star Wars RPGS
  4. Star Wars Carcassonne
  5. Star Wars Risk

Best Star Wars Themed Board Games

The Star Wars Themed board games are games that have already been made but are just rethemed. Many of these will be great for players who are not seriously into board gaming. However, some will be decent gateway games that are great for both inexperienced and experienced players to play together.

20. Star Wars Chess


Chess has been around for a long time now and everyone knows it is a great game for any strategy enthusiast. It does not have the same exciting appeal that many modern board games do have, but it is a classic that everyone enjoys. However, this game just got way better without changing the mechanics of the game. This time you get to play chess with your favorites star wars characters from the Star Wars saga and The Force Awakens. These pieces make the game great for any Star Wars fan. Although if you aren’t an avid Chess fan also I would suggest investing your $30 dollars in some of the other games on this list like X-Wing.

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19. Operation: Star Wars Edition


Have a kid that is a huge Star Wars fan? Well, then this game is an easy pick up that they and you will love to play. You get the chance to help repair BB-8 after being rescued from Jakku. With 12 defective droid parts in BB-8, you and your kid can try to see how many you both can get out before getting buzzed. The game is fundamentally the same as the classic Operation game except now you are operating on a new favorite character BB-8.

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18. Trouble: Star Wars Edition


Trouble is a classic game that is great to play with children. This game is set to the theme of The Force Awakens and is great for little Star Wars fans in the making. The nice part about Trouble is that it has a little more depth to it then operation does and it can be played with up to four people. So, if you are looking for a game to play with your children this makes a great one that will be entertaining for everyone involved.

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17. Battleship: Star Wars Edition


Like the previous games Star Wars Battleship is still the same game mechanically, but with a Star Wars theme added in. This time instead of destroying cruisers and aircraft carriers you may be trying to take down the Millenium Falcon.

The Star Wars theme makes a great touch to the game of battleship and could be a hit with the kids. Especially if they are a fan of either.

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16. The Game of Life: Star Wars Edition


The Game of Life was always a favorite of mine growing up now add a Star Wars theme and it gets even better. This game takes the theme better than most as it changes the feel of the game a great bit. You get to play as a Jedi and decide whether you take the path to the dark side or not. When players make it to the end of the game the mightiest Jedi and Sith face off to see you is the strongest in the galaxy.

Although like many of the previous games this isn’t as exciting as many modern day games it still makes for a fun Star Wars themed game that anyone can play.

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15. Monopoly Game: Star Wars


Monopoly is a household favorite that almost everyone has played. It is certainly not the greatest game ever but many people still enjoy it to this day. Furthermore, the game is made better by slapping a Star Wars theme as you get to buy and trade planets instead of properties. There isn’t much more to say about this game other than it is a Star Wars themed Monopoly that is great for collectors and Monopoly enthusiast.

The game is aimed at a younger group so the rules are dumbed down a bit for a faster and easier game. However, it can still be enjoyable for adults too although I would not suggest for the avid gamer.

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14. Clue Game: Star Wars Edition


Clue is another classic board game which many people have played at some point in their life.  However, the Star Wars Edition puts a new spin on this classic game with more than just a new theme slapped on. You will find in this game a few mechanically changes with much of the old game still intact. Unfortunately, the new mechanics have caused some flaws in the game that many have had to change the rules for to fix it. If you are interested in the rule variants that will help to improve the game feel free to check it out on BoardGameGeek.

In this game, players will find some selves in the middle of a galactic civil war between the Rebellion and The Empire. You and your friends will have the opportunity to sneak onto the Death Star. Once on board, you must try to beat the other players to find out which planet is to be destroyed next, which room holds the secrets to where the Death Star plans are hidden, and finally figure out which vehicle is appropriate for escaping.

Clue Vs. Clue: Star Wars Edition

With the new theme, more changes have come to the game along with the additional mechanics. First, off the board has received quite the makeover. The board is now 3D and has two separate levels which make the game board look relatively cool. Furthermore, the shape of it is relatively spherically so it fits appropriately. The board is just card board and can be complicated to put together but I certainly think it is worth it.

Some other neat things about the board are that it is the inside of the Death Star. Resulting in an extremely detailed board with lots of neat images on it that make the Star Wars Theme really come to life. Another downside with the board is that players can’t see the entire board at once so it may need to be spun around or players may need to stand and look over. Again nothing that is majorly bad and is worth it for the awesome design.

This game is another one that both kids and adults can enjoy playing together and unlike the original Clue I would highly suggest playing by alternative rules. Other than that this game is a great pickup if you have kids or are just looking for another thing to add to your Star Wars collection.

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13. Stratego: Star Wars Edition

Stratego Star Wars Edition

This game is exactly what you would expect it to be a Stratego game with a Star Wars theme put on it. The main difference is that some of the characters have special abilities. Which makes it a bit more complex than the standard Stratego but still not as complex as Stratego Legends. This is a great game for Star Wars fans who are not too crazy into board games and what a fun strategic game to play.

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12. Risk: Star Wars Edition


Hasbro has had their ups and downs with creating Star Wars board games, but if I had to pick one they did right it would have to be Risk: Star Wars Edition. They finally found the perfect balance between the elements that many players are looking for. First off they made it is easy to understand and explain to a novice player which is always a plus. Secondly, the time it takes to play is around forty-five minutes so the game isn’t too short or too long. Finally, they have implemented the Star Wars theme perfectly into the game making a unique experience.


Players will fight the sake of the galaxy in three separate battles before the winner is decided. These battles recreate the fights at the end of The Return of the Jedi. Each of these battles has a different style of gameplay and will give the winning player an advantage.

Starting with the battle on Endor to destroy/protect the shield generators. During this section of the game, the Rebels are put on a slow march toward the shield generator. Requiring the Rebel player to roll a higher dice value than the difficulty laid out on the track to continue moving forward. On the other hand, The Empire player is trying to protect the shield generator at all cost. They do this by sending out more storm troopers to slow or prevent the progression of the rebel player. Giving them time to destroy the Rebel fleet in the space battle section.Finally, the last battle in this game is the Luke Vs. Darth Vadar lightsaber battle. During this battle, players fight the epic battle from Episode VI and depending on how it goes it will offer rewards and bonuses to either player.

Although all of these battles go on at the same time the main battle that makes up the core of the game is the space battle outside of the Death Star and above Endor. In the space battle, players can use capital ships to do special actions such as docking ship, releasing squadrons, or just attacking. Furthermore, the Death Star can be used by The Empire player to destroy Rebel ships. As for the regular combat in the space battle is based on dice rolls against armor which helps to keep the gaming moving at a fast paced. Furthermore, there are miniatures which make the space battle even more epic and on a galactic level.

This is a great game for any Star Wars fan and if you don’t already have it you need to get it. Trust me you won’t regret it.

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11. Star Wars Carcassonne

Best Star Wars Board Games List

10. Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition

Okay so I know we could technically put this game in the Themed Star Wars Board Games section but I am going to add it here since it feels like a unique game when playing it.

Now the mechanics of this game are exactly the same as Trivial Pursuit. However, the game is made entirely different that makes it feel like a true Star Wars experience. Playing the game is almost like hopping into the Star Wars universe. Furthermore, this edition covers all movies in the Star Wars Saga including The Force Awakens. That means you will be getting 1800 questions over all of these movies. So you might as well go binge watch the saga again just as a refresher.

The game comes with six unique categories covering the Star Wars universe.

The categories are as follows:

  1. The Cantina
  2. The Force, Heroes
  3. Villains and Scoundrels
  4. The Saga
  5. A Galaxy Far, Far Away
  6. Hyperspace

For a player to win the game they must be exceeding knowledgeable in all of these categories. Each player will start off by picking one of the four factions in the game. Once this is done they will compete to move around the board and collect all six wedges while also answering the important final question to win the game.

One of the great parts about this game is that the questions are hard enough to make a die hard Star Wars fan have to ponder for a little bit on the answer. While at the same time the questions are not too hard for someone who knows a little bit about Star Wars to be completely lost in the game. Which ends up making it a great game for anyone who has at least seen the Star Wars movies will stand a chance. So be sure to give this game a try and test your friends out on their Star Wars knowledge.

9. Clash of the Lightsabers

Clash of the Lightsabers was one of the many Star Wars products that were pumped out during the release of The Phantom Menace. However, this product unlike many of the other products that were rushed to the market turned out to be a keeper. You get to relive the thrilling final battle between Qui-Gon Jin and Darth Maul in this two player card game.

The game is played out over multiple rounds where in each round players try to win two out of the three battles in that round. To win a battle players must decide which cards to play that will get them the highest attack value. Or if they do not think they will win the battle conserve their cards for the next one. Once a player has won a round they will receive a victory point and move closer to winning the game.

This game is a great card game for players looking for a fun cheap Star Wars card game that will provide entertainment for two players. Furthermore, this game is a must for any die hard Phantom Menace fan.

8. Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion

Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion is a fast paced hand-management game card game for two players. The game puts the Rebels against the Empire believe it or not in a battle for resources and objectives. At the start of a game, each player will receive a set of unique cards. With these cards, players are able to battle it out for the mighty event cards which can lead one side or the other to victory. Such victory is obtained by ending a round with 7 victory points.

This game is a light-medium feel which can last roughly twenty minutes or so. It is a relatively simple game objective based card game that rewards a player for being the most effective in managing their hand. There is, however, a decent amount to consider in this game regardless of its simplicity that allows for a surprising amount of strategy. For example, each card has a resource value and some cards can cost a player a pretty penny to use which could be wasted on a lower end event card that does not supply many victory points.

Stand Alone Game and Great Filler for Kids

If you can’t already tell this game is relatively simple and very easy to teach. However, because of the strategy involved and decisions available to each player, it makes the twenty-minute game pretty fun. This makes it a great travel game for any one looking for some sort of star wars themed game that they can toss in a bag and play just about anywhere. Since its required space to play is very minimal it could even prove to be a worthy in flight game for many individuals.

Due to its simplicity and quick playing time this game would also be great for kids. The age suggested on the box says 10 and above but I can assure that even a seven-year-old would be capable of playing this game and enjoying it.

Finally, there is one more thing I would like to mention about this game. The artwork in this game is kind of non-existent other than some little outer designs they use stills from the movies for images on the cards. This may not be an issue and may even be a plus for some. But if you are one of the many players who enjoy the unique artwork found in many of today’s modern board games than I am sorry to say that this one will have none.

Super Cheap Star Wars Game

The other great advantage with this game is its price is roughly $11 on Amazon, which is by far the cheapest game you could buy that was Star Wars related. Furthermore, it is a standalone one unlike many of the other great Star Wars game. Games such as X-Wing which require you purchasing multiple add-ons to receive the full benefit from the game. So if you are looking for a cheap Star Wars game, an awesome filler, or something that you can play with your child this is going to be your best bet. And even if it isn’t, give the game a shot as a few plays will get you considerable value from it.

7. Star Wars: RPGS

So Fantasy Flight Games the lovely company that makes most of the Star Wars games other than Hasbro, of course, has made three different role playing games all of which are amazing. Here are the some of the RPGs that they have created:

  • Edge of Empire
  • Age of Rebellion
  • Force and Destiny

Edge of Empire is a pen and paper RPG just like Dungeons and Dragons except for this time you will find yourself in a time not too long after the destruction of the first death star. However, you will not be taking on the role of Luke Skywalker trying to master your connection with the force. Nor will you be setting out to destroy the Empire, leave that to the professionals.

Instead, of taking on the important role of a Jedi you and your friends will be taking on the roles of smugglers, pirates, and bounty hunters. You will get to explore the underworld of the Star Wars universe in this intense and exciting RPG.

Age of Rebellion is the next RPG in line and although it is certainly compatible with Edge of Empire it is also a stand alone game. In this RPG, players take on the roles of the Rebels in a fight against the Empire. The game is based in the Empire Strikes Back era and much like Edge of Empire Jedi are still less involved.

Force of Destiny takes place roughly during the same time as Edge of Empire, but this time there are Jedi. You and your friends will embark on a journey following the last Jedi Knights, so if it is Jedi what you seek then Force of Destiny is the RPG for you.


All three of these RPGS follow the same sort of narrative-driven system which makes the game less about the direct results and more of what you make of them yourselves in any given situation. As you are creating your own adventure in the Star Wars universe you will find that these game systems are relatively light on the rules. However, that does not take away even remotely from the depth and experience you will have while playing the game.

Much like Dungeons and Dragons, each player will take on a role which has set skills, race, and career. Furthermore, through the use of experience points and talents, you can increase the strength of a character’s skills. Players must find the optimal way to use their own skills in conjuncture with their teammates’ skills to make it through their journeys.

No Experience Required

Another great part about the Star Wars RPGS is that even if you have never played an RPG before it doesn’t matter. All three of the games have are available with a beginners core rule set. Furthermore, these beginners game can be expanded on by the other games as you become more accustomed to playing an RPG.

As for the experienced players, you will find that there is nothing lacking in any of these games.


Finally, the last truly notable thing that I can think of about these RPGS is their beautiful designs. The rule books are dense and very well written and the artwork is all original. You will get to enjoy a fully encased experience of hand drawn images with absolutely no stills to take away from the artwork. So, if you are a fan of role playing games then these games will definitely be for you. Even if you aren’t an RPG fan just a Star Wars one, the beginner game for Edge of the Empire is a great place to get started in the world of RPG.

Also, as far as depth goes within these games this one is going to definitely take the cake.

6. Star Wars: The Living Card Game

Now that you have had your earlier tease of a Star Wars card game with Empire vs. Rebellion I am sure you are ready for a card game that offers the immense depth and engagement that we all crave.

Star Wars: The Card Game is a two player LCG that is based during the time frame of the original trilogy. Like many of the games on this list, it is published by Fantasy Flight Games. Although, it is not as popular as their other living card games such as Android: Netrunner or Lord of The Rings: The Card Game it still has plenty to offer.

Players in this game will take on the roles of either the Empire or the Rebels in a fight that holds the fate of the universe. The Empire or Dark Side consists of the following factions:

  • Sith
  • Imperial Navy
  • Scum and Villainy

While the Rebels consist of the following factions:

  • Jedi
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Smugglers
  • Spies

Through the use of these factions, players are able to create unique decks in which to destroy either the light or dark side.


In the game, each player will have two decks one deck is made of objective cards which are missions that can help lead them to victory. While the other deck is playing cards that consist of events, units, enhancements, fates, etc… Each objective card is directly connected to five playing cards that allow it to be completed. Due to this, you must build your deck by first selecting objective cards and then inserting the appropriate player cards.

This does a few things for the gameplay and style of strategy players can take. First of all, it makes the deck building proceed at an accelerated rate. Secondly, it allows players to not have to worry about the metagame like you must in many other LCG. Finally, it gives players the opportunity to have some sort of idea as to what their opponent will be using within their decks.

Once each player has built their respective decks they may begin the game. A typical game will involve some of these following aspects:

  • Deploying cards to your tableau
  • Defending your objectives
  • Attacking your opponent’s objectives
  • Committing cards to the Force Struggle

The Force Struggle is one of my favorites parts of the game as it adds an extra layer on top of the already establish conflict. Giving the game, even more, depth and engagement that players will find very enjoyable.

To win the game the Empire must get the Death Star dial to reach 12. This dial increase by one each Empire turn. The dial can also be sped up by the Empire destroying objectives or winning the Force Struggle. As for the Rebels, they must simply destroy three Empire objectives before the Death Star dial reaches 12.

Expansions and More

As I stated earlier Star Wars: The Card Game is not nearly as popular as Netrunner but that may be because of its rough start. For the core set of the game seemed to have a few issues, as players would complain about it being slow, clunky, and unbalanced. Mainly unbalanced for the Sith side as the Jedi deck was already set to counter it in every way.

Do not let this worry you as Fantasy Flight Games has addressed this issue extremely well with their expansions. Furthermore, the Balance of the Force expansion actually allows the game to become four players instead of two which could be a nice change for some.

The only main downside with this is that you will need to purchase an expansion or two for the game to reach its full potential. However, if you are looking into an LCG then that is somewhat to be expected. Furthermore, this game has the best artwork of any LCG I have ever played and to top it off the rest of the game pieces are quality made pieces.

Should you buy this game? 

If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise and are looking for a game with endless content to enjoy than this is the game for you. If you are just looking at getting an LCG and not too crazy about star wars than Android: Netrunner will be your better bet. However, I believe any star wars fan will appreciate having this game in their collection especially after adding on some expansions.

5. Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible card and dice game that pits heroes against villains. The game comes with various factions just as Star Wars: The Card Game does. Except in this game you can mix factions and eras to create your very own deck just as long as you keep heroes and villains separate. The game brings to life all aspects of the Star Wars saga including locations, themes, and characters.

The game play is extremely fast paced as two players battle it out in an attempt to eliminate the other’s character first. One of my favorite parts about this game is it combines dice-driven combat with faction hand management to provide plenty of strategy and engagement to the players. Its rules are straight forward and simple involving in depth deck building as there are very few limitations to what goes into your deck. Other than of course separating heroes and villains and limiting each deck to thirty cards.

The only downside to this game is it is not an LCG but do not let that discourage from getting some starter decks and enjoying this great game.

4. Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars: Armada much like Star Wars: X-Wing is based on galactic space battles between the rebellion and the empire. In Armada, you get to take control of massive capital ships and battle it out against your opponent. Star Wars fans finally have the opportunity to command massive Imperial Star Destroyers and other ships such as the Mon Calamari.

One really unique feature about this game is that due to the sizes of the ships you must plan many turns ahead before a move can be properly executed. For example, in the X-Wing game, a player could quickly pop a U-turn and retreat out of battle, while in Armada it may take a few turns to get your Star Destroyer turned around. This makes reading your opponents moves even more important than ever. Furthermore, it allows players to take great advantage of others mistakes.

Which One Should You Get? X-Wing VS Armada

If you are looking for a game that will take more time, more strategy, and more money then Armada is the game for you. If you are looking for a game that can be played in thirty minutes, affordable for a miniature game, and provides fast and exciting combat than X- Wing is the game for you.

Now those are not the only reasons to choose one over the other but they are certainly the main differences between the two. As for other reasons you may want to take into consideration I will provide a few. First off, X-Wing has a huge following and is more common to be found in competitive play for tournaments. Armada does not have nearly as large as a following probably because of its extra cost. Secondly, X-Wing is mainly focused on dog fights while Armada is a big strategic battle with a fleet that requires advanced tactics. Finally, the selection of ships is going to be entirely different between the two so be sure you find the game that has the ships you want to control.

3. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Have you ever dreamed of being able to have epic galactic space battles with X-Wings and TIE fighters maneuvering around dodging lasers and missiles? Well here is your chance to live that dream through the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game. It is ranked number 52 on Board Game Geek and is a must own for any Star Wars or Miniature enthusiast. Furthermore, the game is relatively easy to learn and jump into for a miniature based game that is also insanely quick and fun.

The game involves fast paced tactical ship to ship combat that is so intense you will never want to play another game again without space battles(small exaggeration but you get the point). Furthermore, you can customize the game with further purchases of the expansion sets that include ships such as the Millennium Falcon, Slave I, and just about any other ship you saw in the original trilogy as well as a few others. The ability to customize the ships you take into combat with add-ons is one of my favorite parts about this game and Armada. The down side of this ability to customize the game further is that it is very easy to empty out your wallet on these two games(Totally worth it though). Typically around $120 put into the game is a good amount to have a large selection of ships to choose from. Although, you could

The down side of this ability to customize the game further is that it is very easy to empty out your wallet on these two games(Totally worth it though). Typically around $120 put into the game is a good amount to have a large selection of ships to choose from. Although, you could certainly get away with putting in $70 or $90 in the game and having more than enough to be satisfied. Also, you do not need to purchase anything other than the core set to play the game. However, once you start playing it you will fall in love and will want to expand your miniature collection.


The game play is super simple yet complex and provides a decent amount of depth without giving new players a major headache. Before playing the game players must select their fleet and prepare for a galactic sized space battle. Once that is down then the games being and most of it will involve each player taking turns maneuver one ship at a time. They may also attack, evade, and deflect damage along with purchase upgrade cards which can improve the lethality of the upgraded ship. After combat certain ships may be hindered from the damage they have taken making it harder to maneuver or lock on to other ships.

When it comes to winning the game players are provided with unique missions that will keep the game interesting and will constantly provide different gameplay.

Choosing a Core Set for Star Wars: X-Wing

A core set will help you quickly get into awesome galactic space battles with your friends and family. However, there are currently two core sets on the market and of course, you could buy them both as they are compatible but your money would be better spent on getting the expansions. But there’s no need to worry I am here to help you out.

The older core set has the ships in the classic style from the original trilogy of which you will receive two TIE fighters and one X-wing. This set is priced somewhere around $50 on Amazon and is a great option if you like the look and feel of the original star wars theme. As for the newer core set, it is re-themed for The Force Awakens and it gives an upgrade in the states and abilities to the X-Wing/TIE fighters. The advantage in the newer edition is it can be bought for around $30 on Amazon which can help save you money for investing in the expansions. Other than that the two are identical in just about every way. Regardless, of which theme you prefer I hope that you at least get one core set and try it out. Trust me you will thank me later.

2. Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is the perfect board game for players who are looking for an experience that is straight out of the movies. This game brings to life Star Wars right in front you on practically any table. Everything about it screams Star Wars from the looks of the game to the actual gameplay. So, if you are looking to recreate the Star Wars experience then this is the game for you.

The main portion of this game’s core set is made up of its extremely long and extremely fun campaign. In the campaign, one player takes on the role of the all powerful Empire while the other players take on the roles of Rebellion. The core set alone comes with thirty campaign missions each one lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours. Whenever a mission is completed players are then able to upgrade and enhanced allowing slightly more improvement for the winner of each mission. Furthermore, the thirty missions aren’t just one extremely long campaign but rather multiple campaigns. This is because each campaign is over after ten missions but depending on what happens during the campaign decides which missions are played.

Skirmish Mode

So what happens when you get tired of the campaign? Or maybe you can’t get a group together to play?

Well, then you can always play the skirmish version of the game. The skirmish mode is similar to X-Wing where players are building up their squads and then fighting it out in fast paced head to head combat. Fortunately, unlike X-Wing, you get provided with an absurd amount of miniatures to use in the game. So you have nothing to fear when it comes to needing the expansions with this game. Unless of course, you play it that so much that you absolutely need more which by then the expansions won’t be as painful to purchase. Along with the large variety of miniatures in this game, it also provides players with three different skirmish maps and six missions. Thus, maximizing the amount of variety and replayability in this amazing game.

Tons of Value

So if you can’t already tell this game has a ton of content and although its price is up there it has reason to be. The amount of unique content and gameplay time that you will get out of this game is insane. First off with the campaign alone you have thirty missions each taking on average two hours to finish. So that ends up being at least sixty hours of gameplay all of which is entirely unique. Not to forget that the missions can change each campaign and the characters chosen by each side can change the way the game is played adding on immense replayability to that unique sixty hours of play.

Secondly, you have the skirmish mode which with all the miniatures to choose from you have at least thirty hours of unique content there to play. This makes up for a total of around ninety hours of unique content before you have to start replaying the game over.

Finally, you have the expansions which I know you will have to spend more money to get them but they will increase the replayability of the previous content even more. So without adding in any given unique play time from the expansions, you end up with ninety hours of unique play. Last time I check the price of the game it was around $90 dollars online which results in you paying a dollar an hour for each unique hour of content which could be replayed again and again easily. Not to mention that 90 hours of entertainment for up to five people. So really that is twenty cents per hour per person. I don’t know where you can get that much value from anything for entertainment.

1. Star Wars: Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion has been out for roughly a year now and is one of the most recent Star Wars games released. This game along with Imperial Assault are both just about deserving of the number one spot on any list related to Star Wars. Sadly one must be declared the absolute best Star Wars game and thus Rebellion was decided to be my number one pick. I hope that you get the opportunity to buy both as they are worthy to be in anyone’s collection regardless of if they are a Star Wars fan or not. Showing just how great I think these games are and if you do not own either of them get one today!

Okay now that you understand that you absolutely need this game let’s get to talking about it…

Rebellion like many of the other games on this list is made by Fantasy Flight Games and it has some key differences from the previous games that make it stand out.

  1. This game is not a collectible style of game like X-Wing or Armada.
  2. It is not a continuous campaign style like Imperial Assault or Star Wars RPGS
  3. It is not just a rethemed game either

This game is a traditional board game in the sense that you can conclude the entire game in one session with no add-ons required. That is not to say that this game is going to get repetitive or lose its shine after a few plays. Far from it, this game you will find it has an immense amount of replayability. I will talk more on this subject later, for now, let’s take a look at what the game is about.

Galactic Conflict

So the best way to describe Star Wars: Rebellion in a phrase would have to be an extreme version of Risk, some would even dare to say that it is a galactic-scaled version of the game. And in it, you will find an epic conflict between the Empire and the Rebels in which the players control each side’s fate. Through the use of both units such as starships, troops, and vehicles players are able to conquer or defend each area. These units’ objectives are just as important as the individual trials of the leaders such as Darth Vader or Princess Leia who must complete special challenges to help bring victory to their side. Furthermore, the loyalty of different planets can play a key role in your ability to keep up on the size of your army. For each planet that is loyal to you will provide resources at the end of each turn.

The game is very asymmetrical as each side has their own major goal putting one on more of a defensive play and the other an offense. Making the game have a sort of cat and mouse type feel.

The Imperial player must move their forces through the galaxy probing for the Rebels base. Taking out any sort of resistance on the way until they finally find it. Once they find the Rebel base they destroy it and take over the entire galaxy thus winning the game.

The Rebels, on the other hand, have a different objective. For starters, they must bring others to their cause by gaining loyalty and reputation. For they are in much need of support in this fight for the freedom of the galaxy. While also gaining support they must survive destruction from the Empire for is no one is left the battle cannot be won. An interesting aspect in the way the Rebels gain points is in the fact that they do not necessarily need to win battles to gain support. Rather, they must destroy key assets of the Imperial Forces or only a certain amount.

The added need for the Rebels to gain support is an interesting twist to their objective as they must not only focus on survival but also tactical/political moves to win. Furthermore, when it comes time to play be sure to set aside a few hours as this game can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how fast you play it.

What Makes Star Wars: Rebellion Special?

What really makes Rebellion so special from all the others is that it brings to life the original movies within the game without telling the exact same story. The story of each game is decided by the players’ actions which allow the game have such high replayability value. Furthermore, it makes each game seem like an alternative reality to the original trilogy as the mixture of events is so unpredictable. For example, in the game, the death star may never be destroyed and Luke may even get corrupted by the Dark Side causing devastation for the Rebels. The possibilities are endless and to find out what sort of events may take place you have to get to the game!

The only downside I really see in this game is in its combat mechanics and a bit more luck involved in some of the missions than I would personally like, but other than that this is an amazing game and should be owned by any true Star Wars fan.


As you can see there are many great Star Wars board games for you to choose from. It is only a matter of picking the one that fits your needs. Whether it is the price point, gameplay, or style of game you are certain to find something on this list that will fit that need.

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