15 Best Adult Party Board Games That Won’t Disappoint

Best Adult Party Board Games

Okay so you are having a get-together, a shindig, a whatever you want to call it with some of your friends, acquaintances, possible soon to be lovers and you are looking for some games to lighten up the mood. Something to make the night a little less mundane and maybe a little more inappropriate than your typical day to day activities. All in all, you are looking to let go and have fun playing some adult party board games that will make the night a blast. So let’s get started…

Best Adult Party Board Games

1.) Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is by far one of your best options for an adult party game if you do not already own it as it can handle plenty of people. It is similar to Apples to Apples but instead of playing cards that correspond with something that is hairy, you will be playing cards like “What killed my boner?” and your party guest will have to answer with their owns cards. For example, something like “The unstoppable tide of Islam” may be played in response. Most of the combinations can lead to some pretty interesting things that will make the whole group laugh. However, you should be careful playing this game with anyone who may be sensitive and if you do please forewarn them.

2.) Exploding Kittens (NSFW Edition)

Next up is one of the newer released games Exploding Kittens. This game is a survival of the fittest style of game where players try not to draw an exploding kitten from the deck while also try to hinder other players abilities. The deck consists of different cards from defuses that will save you from exploding kittens to attack cards that let you harm an opponent. The NSFW edition is only different form the regular edition in terms of what pictures are drawn on the cards. The gameplay is still the same regardless of which deck you get.

3.) Say Anything

In Say Anything, players are asked a question such as “Whats the worse thing you could say to a cop after getting pulled over” and then must write down there answers and toss them on the table. After this is done,  the player who is the judge that round secretly selects their favorite response and the other players bet on which one he or she chose.

4.) Wits & Wagers

Similar to Say Anything with the betting aspect, Wits & Wagers is a trivia game were players write down their answers and bet on the one they think is correct.

5.) Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark is just like Telestrations except what you are now asked to draw is completely inappropriate. After a player draws their image, they pass it on and the next player guesses then the next player after that must draw what the guesser guessed. By the end of it all, you end up laughing at the ridiculous drawings.

6.) Bad Campaign

Bad Campaign is a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity but instead of it being random situations or stories you are now running a campaign against your friends. The player who gets the most votes by the end of it all wins and becomes elected.

7.) Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a game that is great to play with people you know at least somewhat. As you will have to decide as a group who gets each card that is drawn and after a player receives seven cards the game ends and that person is the loser. The cards can be things like “Uses daddy’s credit card for everything” and players will match the card to the appropriate person.

8.) Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard is another card game kind of like Cards Against Humanity and Bad Campaign. The difference in Joking Hazard is that you and your friends are trying to complete the story with comic strip cards. Each round involves playing two from the deck and players will add a third from their hand to complete the story and the best story wins the rounds. These stories can get pretty disturbing as some of the cards depict some pretty intense images, but if you are okay with that kind of stuff this is a great game to try out.

9.) The Game of Nasty Things

In The Game of Nasty Things, a player draws a topic card and then the other players write down their response and place them in a pile. The player who drew the topic card then reads the responses out loud and tries to guess who played what response.

10.) Smart Ass

Smart Ass is a trivia game where players are racing to reach the smart ass square. Each round players try to guess the right answer as a question from one of the four categories is read aloud. If you guess wrong you are out for that round and if you wait too long another play may get it, so time your guesses wisely. There are also penalties squares such as the dumb ass square that players will want to avoid.

11.) Superfight

In Superfight, players argue about whose combination of super hero/powers and weaknesses are the best. This game is very interesting as each time players fight they get a random power or weakness added into their already selected one.

Great for the group of friends who love to argue and debate everything.

12.) Stoner City

Stoner City is a board game like Monopoly except with a marijuana theme. The game is exactly like Monopoly except for a few minor changes such as the police token and only needing three houses to upgrade instead of four.

Great if your a Monopoly fan who is looking for a similar yet newish game. If you hate Monopoly you will still dislike this game.

13.) Over The Line

Over The Line is an inappropriate combination of Pictionary and charades. Meant only for the most talented players of all.

14.) Midnight Outburst

Midnight Outburst is a shout out adult party game were players shout answers they think will match the given topic. The topics, of course, are curtailed to an adult group of players.

15.) The Oregon Trail

Remember The Oregon Trail computer game way back when? Well, this is the new card game version of it where you and your friends will get to work together to survive The Oregon Trail.

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