10 Best Board Games Under $10

Best Board Games Under $10

Many of the board games today cost roughly $40 dollars or more to buy, and at times that can be a little too much to dish out at one time. So to help with this I have created this list of Best Board Games Under $10, along with our other budget friendly articles: 7 Amazing Board Games Under $20 and 8 of the Best Board Games Under $15. With the help of all three of these lists, I hope that you will be able to find suitable board games that won’t kill your wallet.

Now before I begin…

I want to say that if you do not already own the game Sushi Go you need to get it now as it is a must own and should be a part of everyone’s collection. Also, if you are willing to spend a bit more get Sushi Go Party, as it is the expanded edition which allows you to customize each game giving it infinite replayability.

Okay, now you can check out the list.

Best Board Games Under $10

1. Sushi Go!

Sushi Go is a fast-paced card game where plSushi_Goayers eat at a sushi restaurant and are trying to grab the best combinations of sushi dishes to score the most points. Collecting the most rolls of sushi and completing sets of sashimi are just a few of the ways players can score points. Also if something gets dipped in wasabi the value is tripled. The game is fairly short and contains a draft mechanism at the start, as players must first draft their hands then the pass and grab style of play begins.

This game comes with some pretty intense gameplay that reminds me of the feel of Spoons except with more complexity and no violence associated with reaching for a spoon. This game plays super fast so it is great filler game that does not require a large time commitment. Finally, this game is super easy to learn and will ultimately make you crave some sushi, so make sure you have some on standby just in case.

Sushi Go is definitely one of the top board games under $10. However, if you plan on getting Sushi Go I would highly suggest getting Sushi Go Party instead it is a little more but is definitely worth it.

Features I Like:

  • Fast paced filler
  • Intense game
  • Easy to learn
  • Makes you want sushi
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2. Monopoly Deal


The concept of Monopoly Deal was to design a game that would take the fun of playing Monopoly and compact it all into a fifteen-minute game, it was accomplished. Players will get the thrill of building their own Monopolies as they compete to be the first person to collect three full property sets of different colors. This is done through drawing and purchasing the needed property cards. Furthermore, the use of action cards and house/hotel cards can be used to either help you or hinder your opponents. Although, all cards in the game do have some sort of cash value to them.

Regardless of if you are a Monopoly enthusiast or not you this game is great for all sorts of circumstances from a simple travel game to a quick and easy play. Furthermore, it is one of my favorites from this list of great board games under $10. Finally, this game has a surprisingly decent amount of variation that makes it have a good amount of replayability.

Features I Like:

  • Decent hand management
  • Fast paced filler
  • Familiar feel of Monopoly elements
  • Has just enough to keep the fifteen minutes interesting
  • Good replayability
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3. Coup


Coup is an extremely fun game where players try to manipulate, bluff and bribe their way to power while destroying their opponents influence (character cards). The influence or character cards allow a player to do certain actions such as pay three coins and assassinate another player’s character. The catch is you do not actually have to the character card, you just have to be able to bluff well enough to not get challenged for using that action. However, if a player does challenge you and you do not have the appropriate card to show them you lose one of your influence cards and if they are wrong when they challenge you they lose one of theirs. This continues until only one player has influence left making them the winner.

Coup is by far one of my top suggestions for our board games under $10 list, and if you have not already played it I would highly suggest trying it out. However, one I do have one warning to give about this game and that is it is not very well suited for two players. The game is much better suited for five or six players as it allows the deduction aspect to be better utilized rather than a guessing game.

Get your poker face ready if you order this game.

Features I Like:

  • Quick and easy social deduction game
  • Super easy to teach
  • Addicting
  • The last man standing mechanic
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4. Dragon Slayer


In Dragon Slayer, players take on the roles of highly renowned dragon slayers, competing to be named the master slayer. You will hunt the most ferocious beast in hopes of winning the competition.

Dragon Slayer is a simple push your luck game where you and your fellow dragon slayers will continue to repeat the dragon hunt until you decide to stop. The most notable aspect of this game is the challenge aspect, as players may challenge other players to do dangerous things. But if a player is to succeed and complete the challenge they are rewarded appropriately. To win the game a player must become the master slayer.

Features I Like:

  • Push you luck game
  • Challenges add a nice twist
  • Can be played solo
  • Easy to learn
  • Very compact
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5. Hanabi


In Hanabi, players must work together to make the most amazing fireworks show ever. To do this, players must try to place out cards number 1-5 of the same color in the correct order.

The catch for this game is that you cannot see your own hand only your teammates can. Giving hints is the only way your team will ever be able to figure out which cards to play. Furthermore, Hanabi is one of the top cooperative board games that can be purchased for roughly $10.

Features I Like:

  • Not being able to see your own hand is an intriguing twist
  • Winner of board game of the year award
  • Limited communication
  • Very unique
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6. Love Letter


In Love Letter, players are competing to be the first person in the game to give their letter to Princess Annette. While in the process of getting your letter to her you will have to defend yourself from her other secret lovers. Who are out to ensure she never sees your love letter. However, you may also sabotage other players, but be careful as you may make yourself a target. Furthermore, if you are looking for board games to play with your spouse this is a great affordable option.

Features I Like:

  • Quick to teach
  • Provides good depth
  • Great for inexperienced gamers or non-board gamers
  • Many different themed versions
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7. No Thanks!


No Thanks is a super simple game that is also very engaging and fun, as players try to avoid having the highest value of cards in their hand at the end of the game.

Each turn a player has two options: either play a chip to avoid picking up the current card or pick up the card and any chips that have been played on it. Cards ranging in value from 3-35 make it crucial for players to avoid the higher valued cards. While the chips decrease the value of your hand by 1 point each.

The best part about this game is the thrill of taking risk by either taking a high-value card or by avoiding the card with your tokens.

Features I Like: 

  • Simple game
  • Tough decisions
  • Have to learn/read other players
  • Great filler if you only have 10 or so minutes
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8. Wits & Wagers


Wits & Wagers is a great party board game like Catch Phrase where players get to guess on trivia questions and then bet on who they think is right.

The betting aspect of this game is what makes it super fun. Allowing those who are not trivia buffs to still have a chance and enjoy the game. Furthermore, this can help with any gambling addictions a player might have. Also, it can accommodate up to 20 people.

Features I Like: 

  • Gateway game
  • Easy to learn
  • Betting aspect makes it extremely fun
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9. Zombie Dice

Zombie_DiceZombie Dice is another push your luck game like Dragon Slayer where players try to collect 13 brains to win. Each turn consists of rolling three dice in an attempt to collect brains. After rolling your first set, you may decide to roll again which may reward you or harm you. Because if you end up rolling three shotgun blast in one turn, your turn will end. Causing you to receive no brains for this round.

Zombie Dice is definitely one of my favorite board games under $10 and if you have not already played it give it a shot. Furthermore, it makes a great travel board game as you can easily toss it into a bag or laptop case.

Also, this game is a great theme during Halloween time if you are looking for a nice filler to have around that time of the year.

Features I Like:

  • Fun around Halloween time
  • Dice game
  • Good filler
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10. Tichu


Tichu is a partnership climbing card game where teams compete to get to 1000 points first. The way players obtain points is by playing their cards and preferably emptying their hand first. Resulting in the opponents losing points based on what cards are in their hands. There are also risky calls that can be made such as Tichu and Grand Tichu. Which if done successfully can earn a team 100 or 200 points. If the attempt is failed that team loses the same amount of points that they would have earned.

Features I Like: 

  • High depth
  • Trick playing card game
  • Risk taking
  • Cooperative
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I hope you have enjoyed our list of Best Board Games Under $10. If you would like to make any suggestions please post them in the comments. Furthermore, if you are looking for more ways to get board games cheaply check out our Affordable Board Games Category.

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