Best Board Games Like Catch Phrase

Best Board Games Like Catch Phrase

The simplicity of Catch Phrase along with the large amount of people who can play make Catch Phrase a great game for all sorts of situations. This list will present the best board games like Catch Phrase that can be especially great for all sorts of situations where an easy to play game is needed. Such as a party or family get together.

What is Catch Phrase? 

Catch Phrase is an easy to play party game that can play 4-16 players. The rules are simple the player who holds the device in their hand is given a phrase. Once they have the phrase they must shout out as many clues as needed for their teammates to guess the phrase. If a player a team is unable to guess before the timer goes off the other team gets a point.

Best Board Games Like Catch Phrase

Dixit Odyssey

Players: 3-12

Time: 30 Minutes

Dixit Odyssey is an expansion to the board game Dixit which was the 2010 board game of the year winner. Despite it being an expansion to Dixit it functions also as a standalone game as long as you have the square box version. The rectangular version is purely an expansion.

In the game, one player is a story teller each round who must choose one of their cards. Once that card is chosen the story teller briefly describes it to the other players. Once this is done the other players must give the storyteller one of their cards which they think is best suited to the description. The cards are then revealed and each player chooses what card they think is the one. Based on who guess right and wrong decides who receives points that round. The player with the most points at the end wins.

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Say Anything

Players: 3-8

Time: 30 Minutes

Say Anything is an interesting party game like Catch Phrase that adds a fun betting aspect. The game involves asking questions such as what was the worst band ever and having one player pick the answer from the other players’ answers. From there the other players bet on which answer that person chose. This game is quick and easy and definitely a great party game to get some conversations started.

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Players: 4-8

Time: 30 Minutes

Telestrations is one of my favorite simple games because its replay value is infinite. The reason it is infinite is that each game players are interpreting other players sketches and guessing what they are until each player has either guessed or drawn on each players’ pad. Making the possible outcomes infinite.

If you are looking to play this game with adults only I would suggest getting The After Dark Edition.

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Time’s Up

Players: 4-18 (or more)

Time: 90 Minutes

Time’s Up is one of the few charade games on this list and is suited for a countless amount of players, but requires at least four.

In the game, players will select cards of celebrities and historically famous people that their team will have to guess out. These cards are shuffled to make up the deck. Then the players on each team will both start to grab cards and get their team to guess the right person within the thirty-second time frame. As each round ends the difficulty increases, often starting with any clue goes to players not even being able to speak words.

This game is very similar to Catch Phrase, as players are trying to guess what character the other player has instead of guessing what phrase. So if you are looking for another game like Catch Phrase this may be the perfect match.

Wits & Wagers

Players: 3-7

Time: 25 Minutes

Wits & Wagers is another betting/guessing game like Say Anything. This time though players are guessing more so on trivia. The game is super easy just like the rest of these and involves an interesting betting aspect that allows non-trivia experts to have a chance at winning still.

Wits & Wagers is also a very affordable option that provides players with a significant amount of fun.

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Sounds Like a Plan

Players: 4-8

Time: 30 Minutes

Sounds Like a Plan is a game like Apples to Apples where a judge has an action card such as “Climbing Mt. Everest,” and the other players have advice cards that they give to the judge. The advice can be good or bad advice just whatever you think the judge will pick.

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Players: 2-12

Time: 120 Minutes

Sequence is an easy to play board game/card game where players compete to get 5 connected checkers in a line with cards that the player has laid down. This game is similar to Connect Four as you are trying to connect checkers on the board, but can only do this with certain cards that you have drawn which make it a bit more luck based.

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Time: 30 Minutes

Scattergories is a game where players are given a category and a letter. From there the players will list of appropriate words that fit the given parameters. For each word that a player has that the other does not they receive a point.

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